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Spikes, digs and dives; volleyball is a fast and accurate team play.

Volleyball at UniSport

You are welcome to join our volleyball practices! It is easy. Our selection includes practices for casual but also for more experienced players. It pays to book a place for practices ahead of time. You can participate with a Training Card, 10-visit Card or by paying a per-visit fee.

Guided practice

Guided practices are a good place to begin a sport or to improve your skills. In the clinics, trainers teach the basic idea and rules of the game and also supervise game-like drills. Actual games are played as well. The session is well-suited to novices and first-time beginners.

Casual players

The practice sessions are for casual playing.  Beginning players as well as those with a bit more experience can join in. Players manage the session autonomously as they respect each other, choose teams, start games, see that the games finish on time and return the equipment.

Experienced players

This practice is also suitable for players with more experience. Players manage the session autonomously as they choose teams, respect each other, start games, see that the games finish on time, and return the equipment.

Series and tournaments



Start a new hobby or improve your skills in our Volleyball courses. There are two levels of courses:

  • Beginners' course covers basic volleyball techniques: digging, serving, setting, passing, attacking and blocking as well as planning attack and defence. The course is suitable for beginners and others interested in volleyball fundamentals.
  • Intermediate course includes a review of the basics, game-like training, a review of game tactics and net practice such as spike-block drills. The course is suitable for players with a bit of experience. Completion of beginners course or an equivalent beginners' course is recommended. 

Volleyball in a Club?

Aalto-Volley is an active student sports club that offers opportunities to play volleyball at an official series level or simply for recreation. The club has about 20 members. Our practices and other activities take place at Espoo three times a week. Aalto-Volley plays men’s regional series in season 2019-2020. You are warmly welcomed to join our club!