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Nutrition Coaching

Food and good nutrition are essential for our wellbeing. Anyone can benefit from nutrition coaching. Do you want to know more about the basics of eating well?

Nutrition coaching is beneficial in many different life situations. Nutrition coaching is needed for many different reasons, including:

  • challenges related to weight management,
  • challenges related to eating habits,
  • uncertainty about whether your eating habits and the nutrition content of your diet are healthy,
  • interest in your own nutrition intake and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of it or

Talking matters through with a professional often helps you both get a bigger picture and structure your eating habits and lifestyle as well as the factors contributing to them, and see how you can influence them yourself. Through the guidance, it will be easier for you to make the change you want to. You will get the tools and a plan that will help you achieve permanent results and understand and adopt new ideas and behaviour.

The Content of the coaching package

Single-session Nutrition Guidance

The UniSport single-session Nutrition Guidance is for you if you want to learn the basics about the right diet for you or to discuss with a professional if your diet is versatile enough to support your current goals. Nutrition Guidance does not include diets for treating illnesses.

During the virtual appointment, a professional analyses the food diary you have filled out in advance according to the instructions you receive when the coach contacts you. In the single guidance session, the main points of the food diary are analysed, and the coach will give you instructions for any changes in your diet. If you would like more comprehensive information on the intake of nutrients, and you need more guidance in order to find the right kind of diet, the three-session Nutrition Guidance is right for you.

Three-session Nutrition Guidance

The three-session Nutrition Guidance consists of an individual package of three personal guidance virtual sessions (3 x 60 minutes) with a nutrition specialist. The plan is always made with you, and your life situation and abilities are taken into consideration. Nutrition Coaching does not include diets for treating illnesses.

Three-session Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • three 1-hour meetings with a nutrition specialist,
  • a food diary analysis,
  • an initial assessment and discussion about yours goals,
  • preparation of a nutrition plan,
  • a follow-up meeting as well as
  • a conclusive review and a further nutrition plan

How to get coaching?

Nutrition Coaching is a service that can be ordered. Leave your contact details, we’ll get in touch with you! Please note that coaching includes virtual meetings.