A picuture of a woman looking the results of her inbody analyzis. Photo by Ömer Acar.

Body Composition Measurement

The InBody body composition measurement gives you valid information about the quantity and segmentation of muscle, bone and fat tissue in your body and about your basal metabolic rate. The measurement motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including sufficient exercise and a well-balanced diet.

The popular InBody measurements at UniSport are made by accurate and versatile InBody570 device in our Kluuvi and Kumpula centers. 

When you wish to take an InBody analysis, you can choose between a measurement conducted by a trainer including feedback or an independent drop-in measurement without booking an appointment.

InBody measurement with a trainer and feedback

Measurement can be booked from the customer service desk or via the online calendar. The analysis is conducted by a trainer. You will receive a printed report, which the trainer will interpret with you. The trainer will also provide you with personal feedback and advice based on the report.

The measurement and the feedback session take 15 minutes.

It is recommended that you take the first body composition analysis with a trainer. This shows you how the device works and how to analyse the report in the future.

Independent drop-in measurement

The drop-in measurement is done independently without an appointment and does not include feedback from a trainer. You cannot book times online in advance.

Measurements can be made at any time during opening hours, when there are no pre-booked measurements taking place. You can see the booked times from the online calendar.

When you want to measure, go to the customer service desk (Kluuvi/Kumpula) and ask for an independent InBody drop-in measurement. When you have paid for the measurement, the customer service representative will turn the device on. You may then conduct the analysis independently. The device will automatically print a measurement report.

In order to prepare for the measurement, make sure to

  • Visit the bathroom before the measurement
  • Avoid eating and drinking at least two hours before the measurement
  • Dress lightly and take off eventual jewelry, including rings
  • Avoid intense exercise before the measurement.

Always try to take follow-up measurements in similar conditions, regarding e.g. nutrition, time of the day and menstrual circle.

You will find rore information on manufacturer's site (in Finnish).