Services for Communities

UniSport offers different exercise and well-being services to work communities and groups and organises entire events. You can also rent versatile exercise, conference and event facilities from our sports centres.

The company's most important asset is its personnel. Personnel that feels well at work have a direct impact on the organisation's competitiveness, financial performance and customer satisfaction. UniSport's versatile sports and well-being services help you ensure the well-being of your personnel.

Group exercise classes and courses, company exercise cards, well-being lectures, recreation and wellbeing at work days as well as versatile exercise, conference and event facilities at our sports centres help you successfully promote the well-being of your staff. We also offer visibility partnerships at UniSport sports centres.

What could be better - take a breath between work tasks, move and feel good together.

Tips for well-being

UniSport's well-being letter (in Finnish) is published every couple of months and offers you tips for promoting your well-being.


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