A picture of a personal trainer with a customer doing squats.

Riku Saastamoinen

Personal Trainer (PT level 2)
Riku Saastamoinen Personal Trainer UniSport




  • Authorised Personal Trainer (Trainer4You)
  • Les Mills group exercise instructor
  • IISEE indoor cycling trainer
  • Saunayoga Instructor (Saunayoga International)
  • First Beat well-being analysis

Background and work experience

Exercise has been an important part of my life since 2007, when I made a huge personal lifestyle overhaul: I lost 50 kg, quit smoking, and discovered through exercise a whole new outlook on my life. I turned from couch potato to inspiring coach!

My story also includes a long career with important responsibilities in hectic international organisations. I also know what it means to be exhausted and unable to cope with daily life – as a driven work addict in the 2000s, I went through a burnout and fully recovered from it. In 2010, group exercise instruction became a crucial part of my life alongside my main work and, inspired by my customers, I studied to be a Personal Trainer in 2015. Sports and exercise has been my main work since 2018. My much loved hobby became my new life’s work!

In the training I offer, we progress towards the goal we have set together through realistic, gradual steps. I don’t offer quick solutions that are difficult to maintain, but rather a new, lasting trajectory towards holistic well-being. My task is to show you the right direction to support you in working towards achieving your goal. Purposeful and productive action requires active monitoring and is made up of small, individual lifestyle changes that lead towards the desired destination. 

Your fitness, your decisions – everything starts with well-being, while still remembering the importance of challenge and development. I would be very happy to help you move towards your goals. I know from my own experience that is possible!

‘We all have in our hands the keys to our own happiness. The largest obstacle to your dreams and goals is you yourself’.

Areas of expertise

Starting out with exercise, lifestyle change, weight loss, life management, developing breathing and circulatory system (running, cycling, HIIT)