A picture of a personal trainer with a customer doing squats.

Riina Pitkänen

Personal trainer (PT level 1)
A picture of personal trainer Riina Pitkänen.




  • Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Basic and intermediate studies in psychology
  • Physiotrainer (Personal trainer)
  • PhysioPilates instructor (Level 1, mat classes)

Physical activity background and work experience

I am a professional in functional training, and my coaching philosophy consists of working from the perspective of holistic well-being. Years of work experience have taught me to understand the importance of striking a balance between different aspects of life in order to achieve optimal health and performance. In order to achieve optimal performance in training, everyday life and work, the trainee's objectives should be concrete and suited to their al resources and life situation. In addition to training that has been individually planned and implemented, I also emphasise the importance of sleep, recovery and nutrition.

My extensive educational background in health and well-being, my work background in coaching and rehabilitation, and also my diverse sports background give me the tools to work with people of different backgrounds. My approach to coaching is energetic and encouraging, and I want my coachees to reach their goals and to also gain motivation to achieve their long-term objectives and lifestyle changes. In my training, I emphasise reasonable and developmental body strain, mastery of the correct technique, as well as mobility. Such a solid foundation will allow for the training to become increasingly challenging and intensive. I am happy to share some of my passion and knowledge for health and physical activity with you. My own background in competitive sports lies in cross-country skiing and running, which means that I can also provide more specific know-how in these areas.

Special expertise

Various symptoms and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and taking them into account during practical training, training to prevent injuries, and endurance training with the strength training that supports it. A holistic approach to training through speed, strength, endurance, coordination and mobility training.

Language skills

Finnish, English


Kluuvi. Also others if agreed.