A piccture of UniSport's happy customers sitting and chating on a bench in UniSport Kluuvi's lobby.

Martta Lehmusvirta

Customer Service Advisor
Martta works at UniSport as a Customer Service Advisor with variable working hours.
UniSport customer arvisor Martta Lehmusvirta.

How did you start working at UniSport and what is your job description?

In the summer of 2019, I was looking for a job and a team mate told me that UniSport was recruiting Customer Service Advisors. I applied for the position and was invited to an interview. Fortunately, I got the job and started working as a Customer Service Advisor at the beginning of September.

Are you also studying or working elsewhere?

When I first started at UniSport, I was in my last year of upper secondary school. At first, I worked 14 hours per week on a part-time contract. As I started having fewer courses in school, I asked for an employment contract with 20 hours per week. The combination of studying and working required careful planning and perseverance as sometimes after a long day at school, I would still have my evening shift.

After upper secondary school, I returned to my dear hobby cheerdance. I dance in the national team, which means I spend a lot of time practising every week. Scheduling personal life with my work has been quite easy. Whether it’s school or hobbies, our wishes are taken into consideration really well in the shift planning. If I have personal obligations during my shift, it’s usually possible to swap shifts with a colleague.

For five months, I also worked with a full-time contract. Currently, I an on-call employee with a 0–52 hours per month contract. I wanted to reduce my working hours as my goal was to get accepted into a university within a year. It is easier to manage everyday life when I have flexible working hours. In the busiest months, I can work less, which leaves more time for recovery.

What kind of responsibilities do you have or have had?

Employees on a part-time contract have their own responsibilities in the team. I have been responsible for lost property, i.e. I have been responsible for recycling uncollected lost property and delivering valuable property to the police. In addition to more working hours, full-time employees also have more responsibility. When I was working full time, I was responsible for communications and marketing tasks at UniSport Meilahti and Töölö as well as for monitoring and responding to customer feedback. I was also responsible for keeping the substitute contacts up to date and ensuring that sports voucher settlements are made each month at our Meilahti centre.

What is the best thing about UniSport and your work?

The best thing about UniSport is the wide range of activities and the good atmosphere. I work in all of our sports centres and have been a part of three different teams. Each sports centre and the campuses they are located on have their own special features. We have a wide range of customers, and everyone is welcome to work out at UniSport, regardless of their fitness level. Together, my great colleagues and the customers create a unique, warm and communal atmosphere. Regardless of their role at UniSport, everyone greets each other and asks how you are doing. I've gotten to know great people and made many new friends! Helping our nice customers makes the work meaningful. It is rewarding when a customer is satisfied with the help they have received in a more challenging situation, and they leave with a positive mind.

What makes UniSport a good employer?

I have always felt that we are respected as employees and our work is valued. UniSport listens to its employees and takes into account their wishes and feedback, and the operations are developed based on this feedback. Our supervisors always provide the necessary support for more challenging tasks or other concerns. It feels like they're on our side and care about us.

The atmosphere is open, and if we have any concerns or something is unclear, you can and should always ask for help. Our administration employees also have customer service shifts so it is easy to contact almost anyone because you know them.

What is your typical day at work like?

We have three types of shifts: morning, day and evening shifts. Each shift has slightly different tasks. The morning shift is responsible for opening the centre. In the morning we also do the laundry, meaning that we wash the previous day's massage towels, vests and clothes. As the morning is usually slower, you can also respond to customer emails or clean the reception shelves or ensure we have enough first aid supplies.

The day shift often includes cleaning the gym equipment. The day shift is also responsible for the first hygiene round. They make sure there is enough detergent and paper in the gym and check the changing rooms and toilets and bring more paper or soap if necessary. In Otaniemi and Kumpula, the day shift typically includes setting up the badminton nets and/or taking them down before other reservations. The evening shift often overlaps with the day shift during the busiest hours. The evening shift is responsible for the closing the sports centre. Towards the evening things slow down and we can answer customer emails again. In addition, the evening shift typically checks whether the shelves need more merchandise.

However, the work mostly consists of customer service, regardless of which shift you have. Selling new Training Cards, guiding and assisting customers and solving problems. We provide customer service in person, by phone and by email. At Kumpula and Otaniemi, we also find substitutes to cover customer service shifts or instruct classes. This means that the shift can include sending messages to potential substitutes and managing class changes or cancellations. Customer Service Advisors also carry out their own specific responsibilities during the shifts.

UniSport's customer promise is "We help you make good choices". How is this promise reflected in your work with the customers?

I listen to the customer and possibly recommend services that suit their needs. I believe that introducing a new customer to our services and helping them get started means that I am fulfilling the service promise. It is easier to start and make good choices when you know how everything works. I myself have sometimes left things undone, or at least delayed them, if I didn’t exactly know what I should do. Through my own actions, I want to make it easier for the customer to start and reach out to the staff if something is unclear. You can always contact us. We are happy to help!
How has UniSport supported your work?

When I started the job, I had three onboarding shifts that helped me understand the systems we use. After six months, we received a new cash register system. We had training for the new system and time was allocated for practising the system independently. UniSport also organises other training sessions, which are planned based on the customer service staff’s suggestions.

As I mentioned earlier, the suppert we receive from our supervisors also plays a major role. When it's easy to contact the supervisor and ask them anything, the workload feels lighter. You know that difficult matters can be solved and that the supervisor is really on your side. UniSport also supports wellbeing at work by offering free Training Cards to all employees. The prices of massages and courses for the staff are also very good, and it is great to be able to benefit from the expertise of UniSport's employees.

To whom would you recommend UniSport as an employer?

Anyone who likes working in a sporty environment! All types of people can work at UniSport, but being open and active is useful. UniSport appreciates and supports a person’s willingness to develop, and you receive praise for good work. As a work community, UniSport is warm. I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend Unisport to. We have great people and experts working here, so just join us!