Karoliina Hakkarainen

Gym instructor (PT level 1)
UniSport Karoliina Hakkarainen

At the moment I only provide training programmes (75 minutes) at UniSport, and you can find me at the Otaniemi and Meilahti centres. Let’s make together a training programme which is just right for you!


  • Trainer Lab Basic
  • Trainer Lab Gym Trainer
  • Les Mills group exercise instructor
  • Bachelor of Science and Technology (bioinformation technology) and master’s student of biomedical engineering at Albert University

Sports background and work experience

I played basketball for 11 years, in the final years even at the national level. With my university studies, however, basketball has been left behind and has been replaced by goal-orientated gym training which has now continued for several years.

I began as a group exercise instructor in 2015, and the transition to working also as a personal trainer came quite naturally as I came to understand how I could increase my own exercise know-how and help others at the same time.

My own exercise routine at the moment is composed mostly of strength training in the gym and leading group exercise classes. I am currently particularly interested in weightlifting and Crossfit-type exercises. I enjoy setting goals for myself and measuring my development.

Pay a lot of attention to the relationship between nutrition, rest and training, and I stress this area also with my customers.


My areas of strength are particularly in helping customers with strength training (gym and weight lifting techniques, increasing strength and body mass), starting out with gym training, and enabling development. I always take the customer’s desires into account. Based on my own training, I understand that effective training sessions are, regardless of my own areas of strength, a question of examining the overall picture and keeping things in balance.

As a trainer, I am very positive and thorough. I pay attention in particular to the learning of correct, safe exercise techniques. What excites me as a trainer is to see my customers ready to develop and challenge themselves regardless of their starting level. Seeing the customer’s development is also always really rewarding and inspiring.

Languages of instruction

  •  Finnish
  • English


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