A masseur massages customer's thigh

Jukka Liukkonen

Jukka Liukkonen works as masseur at UniSport.
Jukka Liukkonen UniSport masseur

Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in the human anatomy and the way the body works. I graduated as a sports massage therapist in 2005 and as an osteopath in 2011. I have huge passion for this job, which is apparent in my desire to help making people feel better.

I apply many massaging techniques and combine classical massage, sports massage, mobilising deep massage, trigger point therapy and fascial release massage in my therapies. Combining mobilisation and stretching techniques in massaging also allows stretching the deep muscles and ligaments of the body. If necessary, the therapy also includes advice and guidance on independent exercises which aim at maintaining the good results of massage therapy and preventing ailments and problems in the musculoskeletal system. The massaging techniques used in massage therapy are selected based on the customer’s wishes and needs.

I update my training constantly so that I will be able to help my customers in the best possible way.

My additional training:
Benign positional vertigo, medical acupuncture, physical therapy for the cervical spine area, kinesio taping, clinical determination of prolonged lower back pain, CFT (cognitive functional therapy) and training in muscle sheath and stretching massage therapy.

I will listen to you, and focus on your problem areas and their prevention.

Whether it is feeling good and relaxation that you are after or are seek maintenance for your muscles strained from sport, you are welcome to my professional massage therapy!