People at Yoga class in UniSport Meilahti

Hanna Joensuu

Pilates instructor
Hanna is Pilates instructor at UniSport.
Hanna Joensuu UniSport

I am a trained Pilates instructor, with my first profession in art research. I was able to find help to my chronic back pain from Pilates training in early 2000s. This important hobby ended up becoming my new, beloved profession as I trained as a Pilates instructor at the Somatic Centre in Helsinki in 2014–2015. I am currently continuing my training in an Aitopilates® instructor programme for classical Pilates, which involves practising Pilates as close to its original form as possible as taught by Joseph Pilates, the father of the sport. I advance my competence regularly in short training and workshops in Finland and abroad. 

The best thing about Pilates is its comprehensiveness and the fact that it takes the individual differences in every person’s body into consideration. Pilates is a comprehensive physical training method based on cooperation between the body and mind. It provides tools for daily, healthy living. The practising in my classes is focused and involves listening to your body carefully. As an instructor, I want to help my customers make use of the benefits of the Pilates method in their daily lives. 

Hanna’s motto

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Joseph. H. Pilates