UniSport is opening the centres on 17.5.2021 - gym through booking system

12/5/2021 - 13:00
Tanko ja levypainoja
UniSport opens the sports centres on 17.5.2021 with limited services in a controlled and safe manner. We’re following the decisions and the recovery plan by Crisis Management Group of the University of Helsinki.

We’re opening the gyms through booking system to be able to control the amount of customers and make sure that safe distance can be kept. Gym bookings are possible with the monthly and 10-visit cards. We’re also opening massage and personal training –services and badminton bookings for two perosns per court. The group exercise classes are offered as outdoor classes. We’re also continuing the Live Stream – and Online Training –classes. 

Exercising at the gym through booking system:


Exercising at the gym is only possible with reservation and the reservation must be made before arriving to the centre, latest 15 minutes before the beginning of the reserved time slot. These time slots are prescheduled. Reservations can be made with monthly and 10-visit cards.

Reservation time begins 6 days earlier and you can have 7 active reservations at the same time. Reservations can be cancelled latest 2 hours before the beginning of the reservation. If the reservation is not used nor cancelled, it’s no longer possible to make reservations and the reactivation fee must be paid.  

If a time slot is fully booked at the gym, a reservation for the waiting list can be made. From the waiting list it’s possible to get a spot latest 2 hours before the beginning of the reserved time slot. The waiting list reservation is also binding, so if you can’t use the spot if you got it, cancel the reservation latest two hours before the time slot begins.

The first bookings can be made on Wednesday the 12th of May at 3 pm.

Arriving and leaving

You can arrive earliest 10 minutes before or any time during your reserved time slot. When the reserved time slot ends, you must immeadiately exit the sports facilities and latest 10 minutes later to exit the centre. The dressing rooms are open, but showers and saunas are not in use. There is 10 minutes in between the time slots for the personnel to air the facilities. The next customers may sign in for their reservations 20 minutes after the previous time slot ens and 10 minutes before their own slot begins.  

If you book more than one time slot, you must exit the centre in between of the time slots as we’re airing the facilities.

Töölö self-service gym

In Töölö, you can enter the front door and dressing room 10 minutes before the the beginning of the time slot. You must exit the gym when your time slot ends and the centre 10 minutes after the time slot has ended.

Safety in exercising at the gym 

  • Please do not come, if you're ill.
  • Wash your hands before and after exercising and use hand disinfectant.
  • We have arranged the equipments to keep the 2m safety distance. Please take care yourself as well that the safety distance is kept.
  • Clean all the equipment after using them.


If a customer is not obeying the instructions, for example leave the facilities in time, they can be given two months ban for using the services.

Outdoor classes

The outdoor classes begin on the 17th of May in city centre, Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki. More classes will be available on the 1st of June. Please, see the furher instructions.

Remember to make a reservation for the class - the classes are only available with reservations. Please, go directly to where the outdoor class is held and the instructor will sign you in. Take your Sportscard with you to the class.

The indoor group exercise classes will start later. 


We follow THL guidelines strictly. No handshakes, washing hands before and after, no touching surfaces if not necessary. We only take customers that are healthy and ask you to arrive promptly when your booking starts.

There is at least 15 minutes in between the massage appointments. All surfaces and instruments are disinfected between the clients.

Personal training

During the personal training appointment both customer and trainer must avoid contact, keep the safety distance and clean the equipment used.   

Personal trainer and their customer don’t need to make a reservation for gym training, but must follow the the same prescheduled time slots. 

Badminton for two players

Badminton is available only for two players at one court/reservation.

Arrive to your practise time promptly. We recommend leaving 5 minutes earlier to avoid contact with the next players.

Borrowing and renting equipment

At the moment we’re not borrowing or renting any equipment, for example locks or rackets, to avoid spreading the virus.

Customer service

Please remember that you can for example purchase a training card trough our web store. In sport centres please use self service points when possible to keep the contact minimum.

We do not accept cash as a payment method. However you can pay with exercise vouchers.

At the moment we are flexible with cancelling appointments (badminton, massage, personal training). If you get ill, or think you might be getting ill, you can cancel the appointment on previous evening until 8pm by calling  our customer service.

Welcome to exercise in a safe manner!

Please, do not come to exercise if you're ill. Take care of good hand hygiene and use a face mask. Wash your hands often with soap. Consider others and keep a safety distance.

We will create safe conditions for training and working in the sports centres with following measures:

  • Do not come in if you are ill.
  • Please, follow the face mask recommendations.
  • We will make it possible to keep the safety distance of 2 meters by making space and equipment arrangements
  • We enhance the cleaning routines and in addition to normal cleaning, the staff performs extra cleaning rounds in the sports centres.
  • The sports facilities are aired in between the gym time slots.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene and use aface mask and a personal training towel.  
  • Avoid any unnecessary stay in the sports centres. Showers and saunas are not in use.

Freezing training cards and 10-visit cards 

If you want to freeze your training card or 10-visit card until 31.7. due to the lack of indoor group training services, it is now possible.

 Contact UniSport’s customer service by email unisport.asiakaspalvelu@helsinki.fi by the 7th of June. Fromthe 8th of June onwards the freezing is done from the day you’re contacting us. The freezing is done from the day you contact us until 31.7. However, the freeze is granted only for the cards that have NOT been used after 17.5.2021.