UniSport gyms, group training and ball sports facilities remain closed until January 24

7/1/2022 - 18:02
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UniSport's gyms, group training and team sports remain closed until january 24 due to the restrictions set down by the Regional State Administration Agency.

The closure does not apply to leisure activities for those born in 2003 or younger, professional sports or school activities.

In addition, we will provide following services from Tuesday, January 11
•    massage,
•    personal training and
•    badminton (one-time reservations, not regular reservations). Badminton shifts are interpreted as an activity of a family or private life. Those who use shifts must be connected to each other, for example, as a family or friends.

Kluuvi, Kumpula and Otaniemi will be opened on 11 January 2022 for the above-mentioned services. Our other centres will remain closed. The opening hours will be different from normal. They will be updated on our website on Monday, January 10. Services and badminton shifts will be opened for booking during next week.

Online services continue as usual

During the closure, we offer online classses through the Mywellness platform, as well as plenty of workout videos. The online services are available to you with either a Training card or an Online training card.

What does this mean for you?

Training card and 10-session punch card customers

We will automatically extend the validity of your card for the duration of the closure and you do not need to contact us separately. (NOTE. This noes not apply to Online Training cards as the service is provided as usual).

As a Training card or an Online Training Card customer, you can also exercise online during the closure. To gain access to online classes and videos, you will just need a Mywellness account and application.

Other services

  • Courses startind during the closure will be cancelled. We will refund the payment to your customer balance. You can later use the customer balance as a means of payment to pay for any Unisport service.
  • A service that we cannot provide, such as one-time court reservations, badminton and massage, but you have already paid, will be refunded to your customer balance.
  • We do not charge for the regular practice sessions or reservations for facilities for the time of the closure, when the reservation cannot be used.
  • Validity of gift cards will be automatically extended for the duration of the closure.

Leisure activities of children and professional athletics at UniSport

The closure does not apply to leisure activities for people born in 2003 or younger or professional athletics.

Therefore it is possible to organize guided leisure activities for children and youngsters, school activities and professional sport activities on UniSport's premises. We will agree on reservations separately with the clubs and groups in question.


We closely monitor the situation and possible new restrictions. We reserve the right to extend the above closing time if necessary.

Up-to-date information on the status is always available on our website.