UniSport closed until April 30, 2021

27/11/2020 (edited )
covid-19 closes UniSport's sports centres.
UniSport's all sports centres and facilities are closed until April 30 due to the restrictions set down by the UH's coronavirus man­age­ment team and the Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group.

All our our sports centers will remain closed until April 30, 2021. The closure applies to all services in the sports centers, as well as to the  services provided by Unisport at the customer's facilities.

The Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group announced that the restrictions and recommendations in the region will continue until the end of April. The epidemic situation in the region has worsened. For our part, we will do everything we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

What does this mean for you?

Training card and 10-visit card customers

As a Training card or a 10-visit card customer, you can also exercise during the closure! Participate in our new, live streamed group training classes, which we organize about 40 per a week.

With a training card you can also choose your workout from our Online Training video library of 20 different videos.

You can choose from a wide range of different classes, from gentle body care to heavy HIIT, so you can take care of your shape and exercise effectively with UniSport’s instructors throughout the lockdown.

If you register for the streamed classes, we will keep your Training card or 10-visit card valid through the closure.

If you do not register or have not registered for a Live stream class between December 21 and April 30, we will automatically extend the validity of your card for the duration of the closure and you do not need to contact us separately.

We’ ll extend the validity of Training cards and 10-visit cards in stages

  • Extensions for and 21.12.2020-10.1.2021 have already been made, if you have not participated in livestreamed classes, except for the trial period (1.-6.12).
  • 11.-31.1.2021 the extension will be made on 1.2., if you have not participated in streamed classes.
  • 1.-28.2.2021 the extension will be made on 1.3., if you have not participated in streamed classes.
  • February: The virtual open doors event on February 15-17 will not affect your card or interrupt the freeze. If you have not attended the streamed classes 1.-14.2., an extension from 1 to 17 February will be made during February. The extension concerning 18.-28.2. will be made on 1.3., if you have not participated in the streamed classes during the mentioned period.
  • 1.-31.3 extension will be made on 1.4., if you have not participated in streamed classes.
  • 1.-30.4 extension will be made on 1.5., if you have not participated in streamed classes.

Other services

  • Personal training packages will be automatically continued for as long as Unisport stays closed.You do not have to do anything.
  • For paid but unused services, such as one-time court reservations, badminton and massage, as well as unrealized course classes, we will refund the payment to your customer balance. You can later use the customer balance as a means of payment to pay for any Unisport service. Our customer service will contact you.
  • Some of the ongoing courses continue as a virtual course via Zoom. Our customer service will contact the participants soon.
  • We do not charge for the regular practice sessions, group training for business/company customers or reservations for facilities for the time of the closure.
  • Virtual classes or other virtual services for companies or communities we will organize normally.
  • Validity of gift cards will be automatically extended for the duration of the closure.

Leisure activities of children at UniSport From March 1

The Corona Coordination Group also informed that leisure activities for children born in 2008 or later can be organized on a limited basis if the participants observe special safety guidelines. Therefore, UniSport will offer opportunities for sports clubs and groups to organize guided leisure activities for children born in 2008 or later. Health and safety guidelines must be followed. Not following the guidelines may result in a cancellation of the reservation or halting the activities.

We will agree on reservations separately with the clubs and groups in question.

We closely monitor the situation and possible new restrictions. We reserve the right to extend the above closing time if necessary.

Up-to-date information on the status is always available on our website.