Six-session Personal Training packages on sale!

20/2/2023 - 08:00
PT ja asiaksas kuntosalila harjoittelemassa maastavetoa.
Lack of motivation? Do you need a boost or professional help for your training?
Now it is perfect time to give a motivating Personal Trainer help you to reach your goal.
You will get 20% off when you buy 6-session Personal Training package!

When you want structured, individual training to achieve your goals, UniSport's Personal Training service is made for you. Right now, you will get 20% off from the normal price of your customer group when buying a 6-session Personal Training package. The offer is for solo and duo packages and it is valid until 30th April 2023.

What are included?

6-session Personal Training package may include, for example:

  • An initial assessment and interview,
  • an exercise plan,
  • testing and test feedback to support your goal (InBody-measurement with extra charge),
  • exercises that support the goal (gym or running exercises, for example),
  • weekly communication with the trainer
  • follow-up tests, a conclusive review and a further programme.

Please note! The packages with six appointments must be used up within three (3) months of the purchase date of the package. You also need to have a valid training card, 10-session card or paid single visit when having a personal training appointment at UniSport.

How to start?

  1. Learn more about the Personal Trainers at the end of this page
  2. Buy a package on our webshop or sport centers' customer service
  3. Book a meeting with the trainer of your choice. 
  4. Start training with a Personal trainer!