Give a Christmas gift that feels good

23/11/2022 - 10:00
Two women relaxing on ghe floor under turqoise blankets
The holiday season is coming but this time you do not have to stress about the gifts. Give a gift that makes the receiver feel good.

UniSport’s gift card can be used for all our services and products!

  • A gift card can be bought from our customer service or webstore.
  • Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the purchase moment.
  • The gift card can be used in parts.
  • The gift card can't be bought with sports vouchers or cards.
  • The gift card can't be changed into money.
  • If you wish to plan to which services can the gift receiver go to with the gift card, please get to know our pirce list here. Then you know to which amount you should buy the gift card for.

With an UniSport gift card you give your loved ones a present that makes them feel good and the freedom to choose the service that suits them the best.

Some examples what can you get with the gift card

Relaxing massage

We offer a high-level and versitale massage services from a total relax treatments to an intensive muscle rub-downs. The massage can be done to a whole body or for one particular area - always according to your needs. 

An inspiring Personal Training

The Personal trainer helps to achieve your goals and makes sure you do "the right things" what ever your goal is. The excercises can take place either at UniSport or outside, e.g. if you wish develop running skills. Read more here.

A motivating measurement

UniSport offers InBody-measurements which give a good understanding of the current wellbeing of your body and guides you to the right direction for your development.


Happy holiday season!