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Instructions for training and answers to more common questions

On this page, we provide answers to most of your questions about the current situation. Here you will also find instructions for training at UniSport at the moment.

Health and safety guidelines

  • Do not come in if you are ill or you have any symptoms of illness.
  • Consider other participants and staff, maintain safe distance.
  • Use a face mask at your own discretion.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene. Wash your hands often and properly with soap.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue, your sleeve or inside your shirt. Immediately dispose of the tissue.
  • Always clean the training equipment after use.
  • Avoid any unnecessary stay in the sports centres.

If you still have something to ask, contact customer service! We are here for you.

Coming to

  • Our staff will tidy up the gym area on a regular basis. and the gym area will be thoroughly ventilated when possible.
  • We have sufficient distance between our aerobic devices. With respect to other training equipment, we ask our customers to observe the safety distance recommendations while training.
  • We ask our customers to clean the equipment thoroughly after training.
A group training class
  • We ask our customers to keep a safe distance to our other clients.
  • In our facilities, we provide kits for cleaning the training equipment after use.
  • All the Sport Instructors will have their personal microphones with a use of a microphone cover during the classes.
  • Between the classes, we try to enhance air ventilation at our sport centers (where it is possible).
  • We will partially limit the occupancy of our sport centers between Feb 1st - March 15th according to the guidelines provided by the Regional State Administrative Agency to increase health protection.


  • The number of customers will be managed through our online booking calendar.
  • Customer is instructed to arrive only just before the booked appointment.
  • We will follow the THL recommendations: Masseur/masseuse will wash hands with soap between clients and will not shake hands with the client.
  • After every massage appointment, the masseur/masseuse will disinfect the table and wipe all other surfaces.
  • Customers are instructed to arrive only just before their reserved time.
  • Customers are instructed to leave the facilities immediately after their reservation.
  • Customers are instructed to avoid any unnecessary contacts with each other.
  • All equipment loaned from the customer service will be properly cleaned after use.



Meet your personal trainer
  • The number of customers will be managed through our online booking calendar.
  • Customer is instructed to arrive only just before the booked appointment.
  • Instructions have been prepared for Personal Trainers on how to meet and work with their clients. Instructions include observing the distance to other trainers during training, cleaning the equipment and devices after training and providing follow-up instructions digitally.


Other questions

Guidelines for customer service and paying methods

To minimize the contact at customer service all card readers as well as receipt point are at your disposal.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash. However you can pay with exercise vouchers.

Please remember that you can for example purchase a training card trough our web store. In sport centres please use self service points when possible to keep the contact minimum.

Freezing of the Training card or 10-times card
  • We have automatically extended the validity of your card for the duration of the closure (28.12.2021-31.1.2022).
  • From 1.2.2022 freezing of the cards according to valid Terms of service.