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Instructions for training and answers to more common questions

On this page, we provide answers to most of your questions about the current situation. Here you will also find instructions for training at UniSport at the moment.

UniSport suljettu 30.11.-20.12.2020

UniSport on sulkenut liikuntakeskukset Helsingin yliopiston kriisinjohtoryhmän ja pääkaupunkiseudun koronakoordinaatioryhmän 27.11.2020 päättämien rajoitusten vuoksi, joiden tarkoituksena on ehkäistä koronavirustartuntojen leviäminen.

Customers are required to wear a mask in UniSport’s premises as of November 16th

  • A mask must be worn always except during exercise. You can use a mask if you like also during your exercise.
  • Put on a mask before you enter UniSport's facilities.

The aim of requiring a mask is to protect each other from infection, to ensure safe training conditions and to keep the sports centres open. This requirement is based on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Corona Coordination Group's 27.10. recommendations and measures related to hobby and leisure activities.

In addition, please, always keep the safe distance to other customers and our staff.

Restrictions of team sports and contact sport activities for adults starting from November 23

Starting on Monday, 23 November, all team sports and contact sport activities for people over the age of 20 will be temporarily suspended for three weeks. Read more!


Special arrangements and instructions   

We will create safe conditions for training and working in the sports centres with following measures:

  • Do not come in if you are ill.
  • Please, follow the face mask recommendations.
  • We will make it possible to keep the safety distance of 2 meters by making space and equipment arrangements
  • The hourly amount of visitors in the sports centres will be available on our website and in the centres. We recommend exercising at the quieter times.
  • We enhance the cleaning routines and in addition to normal cleaning, the staff performs extra cleaning rounds in the sports centres.
  • Take care of good hand hygiene and use a personal training towel.  
  • Avoid any unnecessary stay in the sports centres. We encourage to take a shower at home. Saunas are not in use.

If you still have something to ask, contact customer service! We are here for you.

Coming to

A group training class

To ensure safe participation, we follow the following special arrangements for group exercise classes

  • We have reduced the number of places at the class to ensure safety distance between customers. The classes have 10-30 places depending on the size of the room or exercise hall.
  • The contents of the classes are adjusted for now to ensure safety distance and to avoid contact. Circuit Training and Total Training classes are replaced by "Power Training" classes, where you only stay in your own place during the class. Also, no boxing gloves are used at Fitness Boxing classes.
  • We recommend using your own mat or at least a training towel between aborrowed and your face.
  • Classes are also scheduled to minimize customer encounters in the locker rooms, lobbies and exercise areas.
  • Equipment that cannot be properly cleaned after use (eg. equipment made of textile materials) are not in use.
  • Classes are 5 minutes shorter than normally. At the end of the class, the training equipment used is cleaned under the guidance of the instructor.

Only come when you are healthy. Be sure to take good care of hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap thoroughly and often. Cough or sneeze into a handkerchief or into your elbow. Consider other trainers as well as staff and keep the safety distance. Follow the mask recommendation.


Safety at the gym is taken into account with following measures:

  • We have arranged the aerobic equipments to keep the 2m safety distance. They have been moved around a bit, so if you cannot find something, please ask from customer service.
  • More space for training is available in group exercise halls.
  • All equipment that cannot be cleaned properly has been removed from the sport centres.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Take other people into account by keeping the 2 meter distance
  • Clean all the equipment after using them
  • If possible, plan your exercise around the more quiet times, follow the number of visitors.

As always, UniSport massage services maintains high level of hygiene. All surfaces and instruments are disinfected between the clients. This helps us to prevent any infections.

At the moment, we have 15min break between all clients. At UniSport Kluuvi two massage rooms have schedules planned so that massage never starts at the same time to minimize contacts.

We follow THL guidelines strictly. No handshakes, washing hands before and after, no touching surfaces if not necessary. We only take customers that are healthy and ask you to arrive promptly when your booking starts.

We follow mask recommendations in situations where a safety distance of 1-2 meters can not be followed. Massage therapists wear face masks.

  • At the moment we are flexible with cancelling appointments. If you get ill, or think you might be getting ill, you can cancel the appointment on previous evening until 8pm by calling  our customer service.
  • If you belong to a COVID-19 risk group, please consider carefully coming to massage.


Ball sports practice

Please read through the instructions concerning the ball sport beforehand.

If you are a couch or contact person, make sure to go through the guidelines with your team or group members as well.


Meet your personal trainer

During the personal training appointment both customer and trainer must avoid contact, keep the safety distance and clean the equipment used.  

If you get ill, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible online, or by phone if the cancellation time has ended. At this time, we are flexible about our cancellation times. NB. No cancellations by email.

Other useful information when visiting and training at UniSport

Guidelines for customer service and paying methods

To minimize the contact at customer service all card readers as well as receipt point are at your disposal.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash at the moment. However you can pay with exercise vouchers.

We don't rent or loan any equipment such as locks or rackets at the moment and hair dryers are not available.

Please remember that you can for example purchase a training card trough our web store. In sport centres please use self service points when possible to keep the contact minimum.

Renting and borrowing equipment

We rent or lend the following equipment

  • Locks
  • Rackets and balls for indoor use only:
    Badminton, tennis, floorball, volleyball, handball, basketball, futsal
    (equipments in each centre varies)
  • Rental clothes (tops and bottoms), vests ja towels

Our staff will clean the equipment carefully after each us. Please note that you are responsible for renting or lending equipment. Primarily please make sure to have all the equipment with you and only rent or lend if it is necessary. Other equipment that is not mentioned above is not currently available.

There are no hairdryers available in UniSport's changing rooms. You can use your own dryer in single toilet only. The use or hairdryers is not permitted in the changing rooms or in toilets with several cubicles.


How to freeze your Training card or 10-times card or cancel the freezing?

You can request that your card be frozen until 31 December 2020 if

  • If you belong to a risk group defined by THL regarding the coronavirus OR
  • you work in health care with risk groups (a written employment contract is required) OR
  • you've been quarantined by health care (N.B. Does not apply to voluntary quarantine e.g. after traveling.

The freezing will take effect on the date of contact. Requests via email to customer sercvice: unisport.asiakaspalvelu@helsinki.fi

Freezing due to restrictions on adult team and contact sports activities

If, as a Training card or 10-visit card customer, you have participated in the ball game groups included in the above-mentioned cards after 17.8.2020, you can request that your card be suspended 23.11.-13.12.20200, when we do not organize ball game groups due to the restrictions of team sports. The precondition for the freeze is to contact our customer service berfore 13.12.2020.

Cancellation of the freeze

If you already froze your card, but want to return to training, you can cancel the freeze by contacting customer service.


(Previous freeze policies:

When we closed our sports centres, we made an automatic freeze on valid Training Cards and 10-visit cards until May 31, 2020. After that, a freeze could be requested until August 31, if the services have not been used 1.6.-31.8.2020.)

Can I book a place at the outdoor exercise class by paying for a single visit?

To participate in outdoor exercise classes, you are required to make prior booking through UniSport website. This is to make sure of the required distance between the participant. Online booking also means you don't have to stop at sport centre before class, which helps to minimize the contacts.

If we need to cancel a class due weather, we will let you know in advance.

Outdoor classes will be popular as we don't have indoor classes and there are number limited number of places available so they are reserved for Training card and 10-visit card only.

Why saunas are not in use?

We advice our customers to avoid unnecessary stay in our sports centres. This applies also to changing rooms and showers. We try to minimize contacts and the number of customers in the facilities. Saunas are very small and we cannot control safety distances in saunas.