A group of similing people at a Body combat class in UniSport Otaniemi.

Start exercising at UniSport

You've decided to start exercising, great! This page contains tips and recommendations on how to get started and what you could try at UniSport. You can find your thing only by trying different options. Find out what motivates you and make a plan. Remember to enjoy the journey!

General tips for beginners

When you are starting a new sport or exercise in general, consider what type of exercise you would enjoy the most, and why do you want to exercise? There are plenty of options. Do you want to exercise by yourself or in a group? Does having an instructor give you extra motivation or do you motivate yourself? Start slowly and increase the number and intensity of your workouts later. Schedule your workouts in a calendar.  Don't ask too much of yourself. Set concrete goals that challenge you enough — but above all — bring you joy.

The effects of physical activity

Movement is good for you! Physical activity has both physical, mental and social effects. Movement is refreshing. It brings you joy and new experiences. It reduces stress and lifts your mood.  Exercise also improves your memory and enhances learning. In other words, good physical health consists of many elements that affect your functional capacity, health and mind.

The key areas of fitness include endurance, muscular strength and movement control. With versatile exercise, you will develop and maintain all these elements of physical health — without forgetting mental wellbeing.

Endurance, also known as cardiorespiratory fitness, refers to the performance of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Increasing endurance is beneficial to your heart, lungs and vascular health. Your blood circulation will improve and your muscles and brain will become more energetic! You will lower your blood pressure and resting heart rate. Cardiorespiratory fitness is seen as the foundation of physical fitness, but other areas also need to be developed and maintained!

By training your muscles you will build muscle mass, endurance and strength. Strong and durable muscles help you in daily activities and all physical activity. Stronger muscles also protect the joints and strengthen bones.

With movement control exercises, you will develop agility, balance, coordination and posture and movement control. Good posture and movement control prevents strain injuries and other injuries caused by misalignments. Balance training is important in order to maintain functional capacity, especially as we get older.


Group Exercise

Our group exercise classes have a great atmosphere and an inspiring instructors who ensures that your workout is effective. We offer a variety of classes from light exercise to more intensive workouts. To make it easy for you to find the right group exercise class, the classes are divided into categories depending on their content. Each category has classes that are suitable for beginners.

Find out what you like! In many classes, the instructor will give different options for easier and more advanced exercises. If the pace is too fast, follow your own pace and perform the exercises a bit more slowly. It’s the smart thing to do.

Body control and mobility. We recommend you try the Easy Training and Neck and Back classes in this category. These classes are suitable for beginners and people suffering from stiffness caused by a desk job or static working positions. Both beginners and advanced exercisers benefit from body control classes!

Yoga and pilates. The classes under the Yoga and Pilates category will improve your mobility and posture. The gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga classes are calm and approachable classes. In Iyeangar Yoga you can improve your yoga poses.

Dance and choreography. The Dance and Choreography classes develop both the body and the mind. Dance is exercise for the brain! Start with the fun Dance Mix class or the easy SH’BAM dance class.

Strenght and endurance. In the Strength and Endurance category, you can find more fast-paced and intensive workouts.  We recommend you at least try the Core Training and Kettlebell classes.


At the gym, you can work out by yourself and follow your own schedule. You can easily plan your workout for almost any time of the day within the extensive opening hours of our gyms. You don't need any equipment, only flexible clothes and suitable footwear.

You can start exercising in the gym independently, but we also offer help if you need more motivation. During our Guidance and Consultation hours, a personal trainer is available for you at the gym. You can ask them tips for correct techniques and new ideas for your workout. If it has been a long time since your last gym workout, we recommend the Gym Start, a two-hour course in a small group. The instructor will go through a basic full-body workout routine that you can continue doing independently after the course. As a beginner, you should focus on finding the right techniques and getting used to exercising.


Ball Games

Ball games develop your coordination and movement control. Ball games include a wide range of movements that develop coordination, such as different manoeuvres, changes of direction and spurts. At the same time, you develop endurance and strength. When you’re running after the ball, there's no time to think about other things and your mind can recover from intensive studying or work.

At UniSport, there are many to ways to participate in ball games. You can start by participating in the practice sessions for casual players, put together a team and book an entire court or play badminton with a friend by booking a court for one time of for the whole season.

Ball game groups



Courses are a great way to learn a new sport or training method and develop your technique. Our courses have the same group of participants throughout the course. The instruction is always progressive. For instance, in dance courses, you have a chance to practice the choreography properly. Our yoga and pilates courses prepare you for our weekly group exercise classes. The Gym Start gives you a good start for working out at gym.